Lhasha Tizer, M.S., has been practicing and teaching meditation and mindfulness for over 30 years.

About Lhasha Tizer

Lhasha TizerLhasha is a Community Dharma Leader trained in Insight Meditation through Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, CA. She completed her training in 2012 and has been teaching Buddhist Studies since 2010, when she began the program.

Lhasha has a diverse background as a holistic health counselor, a holistic nutritionist, an instructor of Chanoyu, the Japanese Way of Tea, a co-author of the book Tea Here Now, and has recently completed her first year of training in Somatic Experiencing level 1.

My first encounter with Buddhism appeared “… as I came face to face with a black bust of a Buddha mounted high on the wall of my friend Ilene’s home. In the time warp of several minutes, I was touched by the soul of a being so deep it seemed to have no ending. The ephemeral gaze of the eyes, the strong, sturdy cut of the nose, and the warm satisfaction of the curved lips at peace in their elusive smile — all impressed me deeply. These were the outer reflection of an exceptional being. I knew then that this was a presence I wanted to have in my life.” (Tea Here Now, Lhasha Tizer, 2005)

In a very on again/off again journey, Buddhism has become the practical wisdom that guides my life. It makes sense in a world that has very little sense. It offers a path of awakening to one’s true nature, of freedom from feeling trapped in the whirlpool of afflictive emotions and harrowing mind states. It shows us what brings “The heart’s sure release,” (Buddha) where it is possible to live in a haven of happiness (sukkha). In this way we can connect to endless possibilities that guide us toward liberation: wise speech and deep listening; practicing a vocation free of harm that maintains balance and manifests our creativity; meditation that helps us in quieting the mind in stillness to get beyond the chattering mind (papancha), while experiencing the joy of a steady mind.

Lhasha teaches classes, workshops, and retreats, and offers private consultations.