Meditation & The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Meditation & The Four Foundations of Mindfulness

Six Tuesdays, October 25 – November 29, 2016, from 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Daylong on Sunday, December 4, from 9:30 – 4:00 PM

Mindfulness meditation is one of the core teachings of the Buddha. First recognized and discovered by him during his awakening, Buddha sat in meditation through the night to find liberation, to free himself from suffering and afflictive mind states. During his vigil, where he faced every form of temptation, fear, anguish, and doubt, he was able to see through these manifestations and awaken to the reality — they had no grip on his mind. He remained in the moment, present to all that was happening, without flinching. He realized that difficult mind states were delusions and he saw clearly into the true heart of love, peace, ease, and happiness — the essence of every sentient being. Not even the threats of Mara, the greatest myth maker of all, who had vile intentions to maliciously harm Buddha, never affected him, he still remained undaunted.

The Four Foundations of Mindfulness are a discourse of the Buddha also known as the Satipatthana Sutta, “A Direct Path to Realization,” given to monastics and lay followers. They comprise the First Foundation of the Body, the Second Foundation of Feeling Tones, the Third Foundation of Mind States (emotions and thinking), and the Fourth Foundation of early teachings, the Dhammas, from the Hindrances through the Four Noble Truths. We will include the first three Foundations in our study and practice in meditation. All levels are welcome and this will be a good introduction for beginners to mindfulness meditation.

TCMC Fee: $40 for all five weeks, plus a Dana donation to the teacher. These 2,600-year-old teachings of the Buddha are supported by Dana, a Pali word meaning Generosity. You are invited to give generously, what you can, to support Lhasha in continuing her dharma teaching. No one is ever turned away for inability to pay. Volunteer opportunities are available in exchange for class fee payment. Contact Blake Barton, Executive Director.

Where: TCMC, 1231 E. Edison, Tucson

Directions: One block south of Grant, 2 houses west of Mountain Ave. Please park a block away from the center. If you can’t walk that far, feel free to park in the driveway.

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