Mindful Dialogue Practice Group

Mindful Dialogue Practice Group

“The more and more you listen, the more and more you will hear. The more you hear, the more and more deeply will you understand.”

Class Dates: Six Tuesdays, January 5 – February 16, 2016 (no class on January 26)
Time: 6:30–8:30 pm

Learning to listen and speak wisely can be a healing balm to us and our world. Mindful communication is one of the most complex and challenging activities that touches every aspect of our lives: family and friends, neighbors and co-workers, those people known and unknown, and those people we casually pass on the street.

In these classes we will cultivate learning to speak and listen with presence and caring: Pause to be mindful and see clearly, Relax to accept what is here, Open to connect with whole experience, Trust Emergence to be with whatever is arising, Listen Deeply to sense ourselves and another, and Speak the Truth by being harmless and in integrity. There will be meditations, Dharma talks, interactive exercises and mindful inquiry, discussion and Q&A.

TCMC Fee: $40 covers TCMC expenses only for the 6-week class. Participants will have the opportunity to offer donations or “Dana” to the teacher. The teachings of the Buddha have been sustained by the 2,600-year-old tradition of Dana, a Pali word meaning “generosity.” This supports Lhasha in continuing her teachings. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

Where: TCMC, 1231 E. Edison, Tucson

Directions: One block S. of Grant, 2 houses west of Mountain Ave. Please park a block away from the center. If you can’t walk that far, feel free to park in the driveway.

To register, contact Lhasha at info@themindfulnesspath.com.