The Path to Loving Ourselves: Dedicated to Cheri

The Path to Loving Ourselves: Dedicated to Cheri

This is the essence of metta (lovingkindness)…

Knowing and remembering that we all have special traits and qualities; appreciating this body and being for what it is; knowing that we are beings whose birthright is love, peace, kindness, and caring for ourselves. Metta is goodwill–a connection to life, ourselves, and others as they are.

If difficulties arise for us, rather than reacting automatically with self-judgment, blaming, and aversion, we can open to the beautiful beings that we are, with compassion. Remember what makes us feel alive, connected, and content moment by moment.

Can we bring this to our minds and hearts during the tasks of our day?

Looking at how we regard ourselves, and noticing what it is like to do things with love, friendliness, and mindfulness, we can appreciate the small things we do and experience.


…how we get dressed with appreciation and kindness,

…how we eat a meal in the same way,

…how we drive to work carefully with awareness and caring,

…and at the completion of a long day, how we bring kindness to a tired or aching body.

In this moment close your eyes and remember one good thing that you did today, breathing it in and feeling it.

The Buddha said “recognizing the preciousness of this human birth”.

The more we bring the purity, fullness, and abundance of our own experience to our own self, the more we can share it with others. “My cup runneth over”, and flows to others by doing no harm—by truthfulness, kindness, compassion, and generosity. 

We seek love and can be that love and feel connected from the deepest places with others.

We can allow all our actions to spring from this part of the Metta Sutta, “Even as a mother protects with her life her only child, so with a boundless heart should we cherish all beings”.

Remember to always treat yourself with respect, dignity, forgiveness, and gratitude.

In Lovingkindness,